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True North Helping Hands

family to family

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About Us
True North Helping Hands is a humanitarian society. Our purpose is to serve the less fortunate people of Mexico by:
Building homes -- All people deserve a roof over their head that sheds the rain and allows for warmth in winter.
Building schools -- Education is vital in helping people compete for the jobs that will give them a better standard of living. Schools have been our primary focus to date.
Building hope -- Our hope is that the service we do will build hope in the people we work with. Our hope is in God. We believe that because of that hope we should serve others.



Dave, Daddy/RCMP Officer:
I made my first trip to Zorrillo, Mexico, in July of 2006. I had seen pictures, but as I arrived, I clearly had no idea what to expect. Camping next to the ocean on the Baja Coast sounded like a great vacation, and it was. However, the tent I slept in with my three friends was probably more luxurious and more spacious than the lean-tos and shacks in which the locals resided with their families.
Probably the most astonishing thing . . .
Liz, Mommy/Teacher:
I can honestly say my experiences in Mexico have been some of the most rewarding, humbling and faith-building times in my life. I have had the chance to work with people from all over North America whom I would have never met, had we not shared a love for God and a love for people.
Through my time working on different houses . . . more
 We are a Canadian Charity -- True North Helping Hands Society