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I can honestly say my experiences in Mexico have been some of the most rewarding, humbling and faith-building times in my life. I have had the chance to work with people from all over North America whom I would have never met, had we not shared a love for God and a love for people.


Through my time working on different houses with different groups of people I have learned not only how to swing a hammer, but how God can use just about anyone to make a difference.

Since I was quite young on my first trip to Mexico, I spent most of my time painting and playing with the children of the family we were building for. I remember being amazed at how happy the kids were despite their circumstances. They had nothing compared to the abundance of material wealth we have in Canada, yet they seemed to be much happier than many of us.


Being as fortunate as I am to live in Canada, I think that spending one week a year demonstrating God's love in Mexico is just one way I can give back some of what God has so richly given me. Personally, this project has really been a blessing in my life that I look forward to each year.

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