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Upcoming Project:

June 30th through July 6th, 2024.

SumPro 18
Projects 18

Summer 2019


We returned to the campus in Ojos Negros that we had built at in January of 2012. The original classroom was spruced up and an office/classroom was constructed, along with some other worthwhile projects. God is Good!


Winter 2019

The main work this Fall and Winter has been the stabilization of the property at Los Cordova. The two classrooms there were built on quite a slope and so a retaining wall and some foundation work was necessary.


Summer 2018

Another School near El Salitral in the community of Arce. Two Secondary Classrooms were built here in Summer 2014. This year a College Prep Classroom was added.


Winter 18-19

This Winter was a time of exploration, planning and trailer shopping. Several campuses were also helped with necessary maintenance and repairs

Summer 2017

Secondary School in Brechas Del Mirador. More children are staying in school, so they needed two more classrooms.

Winter 17-18

Elementary School in El Salitral. The old modular structure that housed one classroom and the Director's office was replaced with a newly designed Classroom / Office.

Summer 2016

1 Elementary Classroom and 1 Preschool / Kindergarten Classroom in Los Cordova.


Winter 16-17

A Preschool in Zorrillo received a long-needed Classroom. Previous to this, they had been meeting in an old bus.

Summer 2015

Back to Zorrillo to build two Classrooms and a retaining wall.


Winter 15-16

First Classroom for the Secondary School in ​Brechas Del Mirador.

Summer 2014

Secondary School near El Salitral in the community of Arce. A fence was built, as well.


Winter 14-15

Maintenance in Zorrillo and surrounding communities.

Summer 2013

Two Elementary Classrooms in Benito Juarez. Turkeys were plentiful.


Winter 13-14

One Secondary Classroom in Esteban. A home was also built in San Vicente.

Summer 2012

Two more Classrooms in Zorrillo, as well as playground equipment, tile floors and other upkeep and upgrades.


Winter 12-13

One Secondary Classroom in Ignacio López Rayón, near San Vicente. Also, tables, chairs and computers were provided.

Summer 2011

Two Classrooms, a playground and a fence for a Preschool in Durango.


Winter 11-12

Two Elementary Classrooms in Ojos Negros. They were eventually converted to Preschool Classrooms.

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